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2% Postage discount for QR Code use in July & August !

Program Period: July 1 through August 31, 2012

Discount Amount: 2% of eligible postage.  The mobile barcode discount is calculated in PostalOne! and applied to the postage statement at the time of mailing.  The 2% discount is deducted from the postage amounts of qualifying product categories that are paid at the time of mailing.  Normal postage prices as listed in the published Price List (Notice 123) apply to the mailing and the discount is applied to those prices.

Eligible Mail: Standard Mail® letters and flats

Nonprofit Standard Mail letters and flats

First-Class Mail® presort and automation letters, cards and flats

Ineligible Mail: First-Class Mail paying single piece price

Periodicals (includes Pending Periodicals mail)

Bound Printed Matter

Media Mail

First-Class Mail and Standard Mail parcels

 **See attached for full info.

USPS on Digital Copies

The U.S. Postal Service has proposed a rule change that would allow publishers to report digital copies as paid and requested circulation. This change would allow publishers to count digital editions as part of the 50% of a publication’s total circulations that must be from customers who have paid for or requested the publication.

New 1st class stamps !

On January 20, the U.S. Postal Service released five gorgeous stamps. The artistry of American stamps is nothing new, but this collection brought to mind the potential value of decorative stamps in targeted direct mail campaigns.

In searching for high resolution versions of the five stamps, I ran across a great website, BeyondthePerf.com.

For those interested in the art and design of U.S. stamps, the site features a video interview with the five USPS art directors who bring illustrative meaning to “decorative stamp.”

Postage increase 1/22/12

Just a reminder that once again our postal rates are going up.

Here are the “First-Class Mail” highlights:

Letters (1 oz.) – 1¢ increase to 45¢.

Postcards – 3¢ increase to 32¢.

Letters to Canada or Mexico (1 oz.) – 5¢ increase to 85¢.

Letters to other international destinations – 7¢ increase to $ 1.05.

The 2nd ounce will be free for First-Class Mail Presort pieces weighing between 1 oz. and 2 oz.

Single-piece letters additional 1 oz. rate – unchanged at 20¢.

Postal info on iPhone !

This is a great app for the iPhone that allows you to calculate domestic postage rates for First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Parcel, Media and Library.  Check it out and add it to your iPhone.


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