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Hawks play for home court advantage !!

Tonight at Philips Arena The Atlanta Hawks play The Dallas Mavericks at 8:00. A win will give them home court advantage through the first round of the playoffs vs The Boston Celtics !

A change in the league’s playoff seeding rules several years ago gave teams with a better record the advantage in the postseason despite divisional championships. Although the Celtics (38-27) earned one of the top four seeds by virtue of winning the Atlantic Division, the Hawks (39-26) could finish with a better record. A Hawks victory over the Mavericks or a Celtics loss to the Bucks in Thursday night’s final games would give the Hawks home-court advantage. A Hawks loss and a Celtics win would give the edge to Boston, based on tiebreakers (division winner and head-to-head record).


Rosie !!

Meet the newest addition to the family…born February 20, 2012. She is an English Golden Retriever.

What exactly is an English Golden Retriever?

Click to access WhatExactlyIsAnEnglishGoldenRetriever.pdf


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