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“Gone With the Wind” was published today !!!

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, one of the best-selling novels of all time and the basis for a blockbuster 1939 movie, is published on this day in 1936.

In 1926, Mitchell was forced to quit her job as a reporter at the Atlanta Journal to recover from a series of physical injuries. With too much time on her hands, Mitchell soon grew restless. Working on a Remington typewriter, a gift from her second husband, John R. Marsh, in their cramped one-bedroom apartment, Mitchell began telling the story of an Atlanta belle named Pansy O’Hara.

Augmented reality with National Geographic.

Want to see what can be done with Augmented Reality (Definition – http://www.howstuffworks.com/augmented-reality.htm)

Make sure you let the video completely load before watching (3 minutes).

(Thanks Linley for sharing with me !)

BBDO at The Braves game Saturday

Our friends at BBDO look like they are having fun in our suite at the Braves game Saturday night.

Especially with a 6-5 Victory in the 9th inning !!



Happy Birthday Dad !!

Today is my father’s birthday (if he were still alive)…born June 12, 1910.  He would be 103 years old today. He had always wanted to live to be 90, but passed away just a week shy of his 90th birthday.

**He is on the left, sitting with his business partner A.C. Castleberry.


140% Increase in Food Stamps !!

140%: The increase in the food-stamp rolls since 1990.

More people than ever before are receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, but the rate of increase has slowed substantially since the height of the recession.

The number of people collecting food stamps has more than doubled since 1990, even as the population has only increased by about 25%.

The numbers first began to swell during the 2001 recession. By 2007 the share of the population receiving assistance for food had climbed over 9% from under 8% in  1990. But the figures really started to jump off the charts during the most recent downturn. In March, the most recent month for which data are available, more than 15%, or some 1 in 7 people, in the U.S. were on food stamps.

In some states the numbers are even higher. Mississippi is the state with the largest share of its population relying on food stamps — 22% — though Washington, DC was a bit higher overall at 23%. One in five residents in Oregon, New Mexico, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky also are food-stamp recipients. Wyoming has the smallest share of its population on food stamps — 7%.

So let’s do the math in Georgia…9,920,000 people in the State…1 of 5 on food stamps…that means 1,984,000 people receive food stamps !!!!  Hard to believe isn’t it with unemployment at 8.2% in Georgia. That means 1,170,560 people have jobs AND get food stamps !!!  And we wonder why our taxes are so high !!!!

Ice Cream truck arrives at our plant !!!

One of our paper suppliers, Athens Paper, sent an ice cream truck over this morning for all of our employees thanking us for our business. It was a very nice gesture and greatly appreciated.


First Porsche completed today in 1948

On this day in 1948, a hand-built aluminum prototype labeled “No. 1” becomes the first vehicle to bear the name of one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers: Porsche.

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